2019. május 15., szerda

Collaboration with EngineDIY.com

Hey guys,
BLADE is here again!
Today I wanna show you my new friendly cooperation
with a heat engine-desktop toy manufacturer

They was founded in 2009 for retailing different type of heat engine models in China only.
Few years later they are opened the borders
and they turned business to international e-commerce services.

Picture from: EngineDIY.com

EngineDIY.com has a brilliant collection of heat engines.
Simple and multicylinder HTDs, LTD type Stirling engines

Pictures from: EngineDIY.com

vacuum or flame lickers

Picture from: EngineDIY.com

steam engines

and other type but interesting engines 
not only for school projects

Picture from: EngineDIY.com

They have nicely machined and designed desktop toys.

I've got a cast molded base all-metal HTD Stirling engine KIT
few weeks ago from 

I made a nice premiere video.
Check this out!

If you want to build one for yourself
here is the link for this engine: http://bit.ly/2diyengine

Assembling video for this engine:

Thanks for your attention!
See You Soon!

2019. április 10., szerda

Marble Stirling with water piston balancer

Hi folks,

BLADE is here again!
Today I need to show you an old but unique construction from my earlier Stirling engine collection.
I combined the classical marble Stirling engine
and the "ROCKY" style water piston balanced LTD Stirling engine.

It could work as a flip-flop Stirling with marble.

The original picture from this site: http://www.oocities.org/hustierhof/MC_rocky.html

So, my engine is a "marble rocky" Stirling

See You Soon!


2018. május 8., kedd

3D printed flexure bearing/ collected flat spiral spring

Hi folks!

Yep, I've been busy so much! :(

Here is my new small project with my 3D printer from ABS material.
The springs are only 1 mm thick. I collected 4 pcs of them with 1 mm spacers.
The product is so cool!
I hope it could be work with a nice free piston engine soon!