2019. november 15., péntek

Turn your Stirling engine into a car!

Hi there, BLADE is here again!

Today I'll show you a simple method, how you could turn your Stirling engine KIT
to a simple car if you want.

The car's basic is a nice little glass/aluminium body Stirling engine from

The original Stirling engine has a DC generator with bright LED stripes,
also it could work as a heat pump, if we use the DC generator as a driver motor.
I made few little interesting experiment with this KIT,
so check it out first:

After I've got some e-mail to create something different from the KIT.

I thought about a car.
But I haven't got any toy car wheels, 
so I made it!

The car has soft drink can wheels with rubber ring surface
for a smoother run.

The wheels are great for any other toy car projects too.
I made an instructional tutorial video about the wheels
and included into my Stirling Engine Toy Car video

If you want to buy a Stirling Engine KIT for you
I could give you a 10% coupon code!

Use my link here:
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Special thanks to Engine DIY dot com
to support my efforts!


2019. szeptember 18., szerda

A weird thermal lag engine/ heat pump

Hi folks,

BLADE is here again, because I made a small fast little thermal lag engine
to test my glass piston.
The little engine worked well, it riched the 50 Hz easily with the correct tension of a rubber rope.
If you want to check my video about this engine:

But today I thought about a heat pump with high frequency.
I wanted to see how cool down the end of this little engine.
The engine started to cool down, but not on the closed end
that's weird!

The engine hot side isn't changed as every normal heat engine if we mechanically drive them.
I've tried to drive it 1-50Hz but thte result was same.

The question is, how could I change the hot side to the cold side on my little heat pump?

Thanks any help!

2019. szeptember 10., kedd

Perfect piston for your homemade Stirling engines

 Hi folks,

I've got lot's of questions about heat engine's power piston. 
I have a playlist with lots of different Stirling piston DIY tutorial video,
 what I built in the last few years on youtube:

So, I've made different type of pistons for Stirling engines, 
but I never made a perfect glass piston for you.

But today I'll show you my new video with lots of easy steps
pictures and instructions.
 How to make a perfect low friction
also beautiful, easy to use power piston
for your desktop DIY, Homemade Stirling engines?

Check it out!

See You Soon!