2013. augusztus 21., szerda


The original Manson engine hasn't got regenerator, but a small gap between the displacer and the cylinder.
This is a bad regenerative parts, so I tried a simple regenerator in my first engine.
My first engines had hot side ventillation!
Remember, the original engines had cold side inward, and hot side outward breathing.
The Rupp engines had cold side ventillation without regenerator too.
What's the different?
The original engine get cold air from outside, no preheating!
It has slow and bad heat exchange, because the contact surface was small.
I used a steel tube for breathing. It was a preheater also a preregenerator.
The preheated air easier expand when the displacer-regenerator (secondary) move up.
The heat exchange's time shorter, the engine has higher speed, also performance.
The engine has 250 ccm volume, and it was very low budget construction!
Easy to build and so simple with only one self controlled valve.
I know it is useless for real power, but what can produce a professional one...? 

Here is my little boy's firs run, on denatured alcohol burner:

Sketches from this engine HERE!

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