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Welcome to my new site!

This blog will show you some tips, tricks, and some new research and development results for hot air engines.
Specially for Manson and Ericsson engines.
I know these hot air engines are not really popular as like a Stirling cycle engines.
Lot of time I heard in the last 6 years: "Manson and the Ericsson cycle engines are was dead end of the hot air engines."
When I asked: Why?
The Ericsson cycle is one of the best caloric cycle.
The Manson engine is one of the highest torque hot air engine.
They has open cycle. 
Is that a problem? Not really! :)
I have new practical inventions for these engines! 
Are you interest it?
Then subscribe my youtube channel (BladeAttila's youtube channel) also follow me on my blog here.

Who am I?
I'm Attila Kovács from Hungary.
Chemical technician and CAD/CAM/CNC operator, also service engineer in the Hungarian TECAN distributor's Ltd.
The hungarian Group of Stirling friends community's leader on a forum also on the facebook.
Few years ago we created an overall hungarian hot air blog with my friend Simi112 (Simi112's channel)
We tried to collect and categorized all of type hot air engines from the last approx. 200 years.
That was a big challenge! :) 
That blog is the biggest, categorized collection of different types hot air engines in hungarian language.
In this year we start to translate some popular pages to Engish.
That is under construction now! 
Coming soon! 
Be patient!  :)

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