2013. október 25., péntek

Magnetic propulsion drived LTD Stirling engine

Hi folks,
here is my new concept for a free piston Stirling engine drive method.
Magnetic propulsion is a pretty nice effect what I found when i play with my magnets. :)
I used a ring and a disk magnet first, but the effect is working with normal magnets too.
The driver mechanism is so simple. 
In this construction we have a gate line what we use to controll the displacer's moving.
The magnets are in attraction, but propulsion at a time if you look at this picture:

When we start to push the disk magnet across that middle line, then will pushed away, because the attraction is not enough strong to hold it.
Some people used this effect as like a basic overunity method for electromagnetic generator or something else.

Video from the magnetic propulsion effect:

Anyway, I used it for a simple free piston Stirling LTD.
Here is a schematic animated GIF from my engine:

2013. október 24., csütörtök

Manson/Ericsson hybrid (Kovács caloric engine)

When I started to optimimise the original Manson engine that was in 2010. 03.
After I built my first hot side ventillation Manson engine with regenerator.
In 2012 I try to make a valveless Ericsson engine and then I had a Heureka feeling! :)
I crossed my two favorite engines in one. 

I called it Kovács caloric engine. (as K.C.E.)

This engine has some typically Manson properties as simplicity, high torque, not much moving part, BETA formation, but the cycle is Ericsson caloric cycle. 
The biggest different between the original Ericsson and my hybrid engine is the numbers of power strokes.
The original engine had one power stroke, when the heated gas expanded.
The other stroke was an exhaust stroke.

My engine has another one!:)
When the pressure dropped down in my engine then pull back the power piston. 
So this is a pretty NEW engine!

My problem wasn't enough money for patent pending.
But it is a "Who cares?" thing.
I shared it, so if you can build one, just do it!

Simple drawing from the engine's two end points:

and an animated how does it works GIF:

I know these are just some schematic drawings, but the working method is simple.
I hope you understand it perfectly.

Ringbom type big volume LTD Stirling engine

This is an old idea from me, but now I had time to draw. :)

A simple top wieved picture from my LTD Ringbom type Stirling engine idea:

The LTD engines with usable electric energy output are huge constructions usually.
They follow the model constructions shape and I think it is a dead end.

Do you know the SunPulse engines?
Sunpulse engines diameter is 2m and the construction's height is nearly same 2m.
Usable hot surface is 3.14 m2
They use big power and displacer pistons.
The direct solar version use conical window to the sun, because the pressure changing can push/pull the material all the time, and this is waste energy if we use just a simple flat surface.

I knew another manufacturer in Germany, but that is not working yet.
That was the Sunmachine.
I saw there first the curved window LTD Stirling engine, and I liked that simple solution for this problem.
After I started to develope my version.
Step by step.
Day by day.
And the loop is closed:

Why not use cilindrical shape of this engine?
My IDEA's diameter only 1m, the height is 1m too, but the usable heat contact surface is 3.14 m2 as like SunPulse!!!

Not any huge parts, because inside I have 4 different engine.
These engines working as like twice-double acting Stirling engine.

Animated GIF:

Exhaust gas recycling (double acting)

Next step: How we can use the exhaust gas for a good performance engine?

I created a double acting cold side ventillation closed cycle Kovács type Manson engine with normal crankshaft.
The engine will be faster and stronger!

Possible to use hot side ventillation too.