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Manson/Ericsson hybrid (Kovács caloric engine)

When I started to optimimise the original Manson engine that was in 2010. 03.
After I built my first hot side ventillation Manson engine with regenerator.
In 2012 I try to make a valveless Ericsson engine and then I had a Heureka feeling! :)
I crossed my two favorite engines in one. 

I called it Kovács caloric engine. (as K.C.E.)

This engine has some typically Manson properties as simplicity, high torque, not much moving part, BETA formation, but the cycle is Ericsson caloric cycle. 
The biggest different between the original Ericsson and my hybrid engine is the numbers of power strokes.
The original engine had one power stroke, when the heated gas expanded.
The other stroke was an exhaust stroke.

My engine has another one!:)
When the pressure dropped down in my engine then pull back the power piston. 
So this is a pretty NEW engine!

My problem wasn't enough money for patent pending.
But it is a "Who cares?" thing.
I shared it, so if you can build one, just do it!

Simple drawing from the engine's two end points:

and an animated how does it works GIF:

I know these are just some schematic drawings, but the working method is simple.
I hope you understand it perfectly.

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