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Ringbom type big volume LTD Stirling engine

This is an old idea from me, but now I had time to draw. :)

A simple top wieved picture from my LTD Ringbom type Stirling engine idea:

The LTD engines with usable electric energy output are huge constructions usually.
They follow the model constructions shape and I think it is a dead end.

Do you know the SunPulse engines?
Sunpulse engines diameter is 2m and the construction's height is nearly same 2m.
Usable hot surface is 3.14 m2
They use big power and displacer pistons.
The direct solar version use conical window to the sun, because the pressure changing can push/pull the material all the time, and this is waste energy if we use just a simple flat surface.

I knew another manufacturer in Germany, but that is not working yet.
That was the Sunmachine.
I saw there first the curved window LTD Stirling engine, and I liked that simple solution for this problem.
After I started to develope my version.
Step by step.
Day by day.
And the loop is closed:

Why not use cilindrical shape of this engine?
My IDEA's diameter only 1m, the height is 1m too, but the usable heat contact surface is 3.14 m2 as like SunPulse!!!

Not any huge parts, because inside I have 4 different engine.
These engines working as like twice-double acting Stirling engine.

Animated GIF:

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  1. Hi Blade! Could you specify which surfaces are exposed to sun, please? And if it is possible, could you add a "step by step" mode or a regulation speed for the aminated GIF so that we could have time to follow and understand the cycles for each of the different cycles you present on your website?

    Best regards.

  2. I've forgotten: what would be the angular speed and torque? Or power for the 1x1 m? Under rhe sun?

    1. I designed this machine originally for thermal hot water, because we have lots of in Hungary. But the engine can work with hot oil or melted salt too. The basic thing was a compact engine with high surface, and stabile for pressurising. The curved/ring surface with dome ends looks like a good solution for this. The GIF is enough only start to thinking about a new dimension of engineering. Start to think everybody in 3D about a new designed, compact powerful engine without any habitual solutions. Throw in the trash the learned doctrines. Vertical/Horizontal/Flat etc.etc.etc. This engine could be work with ordinary crank drived Stirling, or Ringbom type, or if we need then free piston (FPSE) double acting system, because the engines has a common crankshaft in the center with flywheel. Two opposit engine always in against stroke As double acting engines...so this construction has 2 pairs of double acting hot air engines.
      The Sunpulse engine create 1,5kW electrical power with 200 degrees cooking oil and normal lake's water temperature. Approx 180 C deltaT. My engine's would be same surface for heat exchange, so if the strokes are same too, then this engine in D=1m, H=1m dimensions can produce same or more power...

      Kind regards!

  3. Perhaps it would be better with 3 or 6 cylinders instead of 4? (Self starting?)

  4. A self starting engine isn't important in this segment of green technology but possible.
    This is a big pressurised engine especially for geothermic waste heat, or solar heated oil system as Sunpulse. The first prototype is under construction. :) Thanks your comment.