2013. november 11., hétfő

New drive control units for my beta type Manson engine

Hello guys!

Two weeks yet and I'll start to build my double cylinder, closed air cycle, beta type Manson engine 
in Transylvania.
Woohoo! :)
I'm so excited!

I had thought about the driving system of this engine this entire weekend, and the conclusion was that it would be made with excentric drive.
But I also developed a new "teeter" drive mechanism for an another beta type Manson engine.

I made for you an animated GIF about this drive control unit:

Also here is my other vision the X-drive mechanism especially for my Manson engines:

And another one...
This is a 3D animation what I made with SolidWorks professional.
I'm a beginner and this is my first animated assembly, 
but you can check how does it work.
I used a simple drive unit, it is pretty nice.