2013. november 11., hétfő

New drive control units for my beta type Manson engine

Hello guys!

Two weeks yet and I'll start to build my double cylinder, closed air cycle, beta type Manson engine 
in Transylvania.
Woohoo! :)
I'm so excited!

I had thought about the driving system of this engine this entire weekend, and the conclusion was that it would be made with excentric drive.
But I also developed a new "teeter" drive mechanism for an another beta type Manson engine.

I made for you an animated GIF about this drive control unit:

Also here is my other vision the X-drive mechanism especially for my Manson engines:

And another one...
This is a 3D animation what I made with SolidWorks professional.
I'm a beginner and this is my first animated assembly, 
but you can check how does it work.
I used a simple drive unit, it is pretty nice.

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  1. Dear Blade,
    We have here a real windy day right now - so you will have a windy day letter and some comments and toughts here.

    I write this letter to you because I like you style to do and focus in things and also for that I have put my mind also on this matter in recent years (among so many others I believe).

    In youtube and your blog you present quite many practical approaches to form a heat engines.
    -You inform us that you are "looking for equipment manufacturers and investors".
    and also "The problem is, I haven't got enough money for patent pending!!! I hope this blog will be enough for licence it or something better."

    My comments on this:
    Looking for investors by releasing your ideas is generalluy not working in real life.
    Nobody will licence (pay to you) anything if they can get it for free. You end up beeing a poor genius - like they usually are in history also. In best case someone may find you intelligent enough and hire you as employee though. Or your site become popular and you sell some ads with them.

    I think you have heard this "lecture" from other people too:
    -If you plan to get a lot of money with your ideas it might be good idea not to publish ideas until it is somehow commercially secured or making NDA agreement with the people you are presenting the ideas. You may look or find some early investors, group or even loan for to secure your best ideas first to give them commercial value and only thing that keeps you on negotiations after ideas are released.
    If you discover and find out that you ideas are new and novel and possible patentable then you should not make the ideas public by blog or youtube if you plan to get investors interested. Making it a public idea you and everybody else loose the possibility to secure their investments by patents (forever).
    Investors are not interested to put their money for the public ideas if somebody else is allowed to copy it freely. If ideas are not secured (momentarily 20years) with the patents they are with no sellable value if they can be used freely. Manufacturing secrets to make it happen are totally other matter.

    I have keept mine still hidden because I have planned and investigated to a patent at least one of my arrangement - its further unknown and not desided what I will do with it.
    Shure its expensive. Patent pending of just first years of patent payments will be just in my personal reach (some hundred euros for leavin the national patent applications etc)… If no investors found (who like the idea of some commercial shields for their investments) I´ll probably do not pay the payments and idea is released it for all to use.

    Your presented ideas are coming very close to some I have tought - I see that in future we may come into same conclusions eventually.
    If you happen to come same conclusions I do not mind I you publish the same idea that I´m working on. Those things just happen.
    …end of part one

  2. …Part 2

    You mentioned also the possibility "…or something better"…

    Have you considered to join or put up "Open Source Heat Engine Development". Or "Open Hardware Heat Engines"?

    Developments and ideas and designs are free for all.
    There people would not matter the main idea property rights that it is not considered as a single personal sellable property.

    I think low energy density hot air engines and technology is needed to manufacture and service rather locally to be succesfull. This is also because there is different sources of heat and different uses of engines in different areas. For example Finland has plenty of sun in summer, but nothing in winter - therefore we are not so much interested in solar running engines here etc.
    International companies are not so interested in providing low energy density engines for private people for fair price because profits will be very low.

    It could work the same way than fast development of RepRap 3D printers. Even it is free designs not all are capable of making their own
    -some people put up up small enterprices and print, build up or sell parts or put up local activities to help people to build their own for small money. Or puting up your own brand and kits that people learn to use and know. Good things and good service is always appriciated.

    If you check for examples of this type of approach for example:

    and lively developments and tests

    This could be the way for most of thinkers and developers with heat engines also?
    If among heat engine thinkers there will be some sort of common "Open Source" or "Open Hardware" project platform with heat engines I will gladly join to put my input in and enjoy others thinking. Information is well scattered at the moment. Mayby putting up a local group for it also.

    How could this happen in real?

    All the best, I hope this reach you...
    also known as 358Eki or Eki Honkakoski
    from Finland (despite the strong wind I still have grid power here)
    …end of part 2

  3. Hi EKI!
    Thanks for your comments!
    I wrote a letter yet, but lost somwhere on the blog's mail folder...
    That was so long i can't repaire all sentenses.

    I think you have been right!
    I'm a poor developer/inventor, and maybe the future will be the open source technologies on the web.
    The problem is i have lot of contacts all over the world, who folloow my works, or just interested the engines, or wrote me a letter from my engines, or somebody just need help to mill a planar spring to me, because I shared my ideas, tutorials, and everything what I did on the YT.
    But when I need to collect these people in a group, then they said no thanks.
    "I just wrote for you, and interested your engines, i haven't got any idea, or machines, I'm amateur...blablabla."
    Another problem, in Hungary it is not a popular method, just share your ideas on an open search hardware or something else.
    This is a catch 22!
    If I have money, then I start to patent it. After maybe I have a chance to contact an invester.
    Or I share every idea of my head, not in a calculated final version, just the working method, without any calculation, or measurement. And i make a blog for everybody, who interest it, and knows the hot air engines basically, then they can calculate a simple engine for himself. I know i can't get any money from this, but my opinion is (after few 100's of comments/mail etc...) if somebody can't see a repetable blueprint with calculated exact numbers, then don't do anything! Nobody need to abort an expensive parts, basic material for a non-working idea-engine. Do you understand? I say here it is my 500Watts engine, but this is a really new engine all over the world...Who cares? Nobody! Ok, maybe I'll get some e-mails "Good work budy!", "Do You have any drawings?", "I don't understand, is it a Stirling? What is the new in it?", and many more noncompetent, or unuseable information and questions...
    This is a bloody hard way, and I'm not a good manager for myself.
    My mind's never sleep, always working on something...I can't sleep often, because I start an assembly or disassembly an engine, a mechanism, and try to calculate some different versions...etc.
    I'm tired to demonstrate my truth.
    I have a brain that works inversely. I never see the problem, just the answers: A, B, C or D, maybe E
    And lot of engineers just find a problem on it...why!
    so, anyway...
    Thanks a lot for these links, I start to visit there.
    Best regards!