2014. március 6., csütörtök

Thermoacoustic traveling wave engine

I know you are really need to see my new designed Manson or KCE engines, but my life is so complicate actually, so I'm sorry about delay it will coming later a little bit.

But, my friend simi112 (YT nickname) started a series of thermoacoustic engines.
I followed his work and after we discussed the engines, working methods.
Anyway...here is my first designed traveling wave engine nearly Fellow's TAC generator.

Not perfect yet, but it was the second test run.
The design is so simple!

I made some pictures of assembly

As you can see I used first an aluminium tube for the hot side, 
but the first test run finished with a big hole on this tube...:(
After I changed it for a stainless steel hotdog maker's tube.

I'll show you How it's works?! on my next video!
See you soon!