2014. április 11., péntek

Rhombic drive VS. My 105° "L" yoke drive system

Hello guys!

It has long been thinking about a solution what modelling the rhombic-drive movement, 
without any complicated manufacturing.

I was sure it's possible!

First I changed the Ross yoke mechanism.
"T" to "L"
Such an interesting alphabetical magic!

After I calculated the shafts positions, and the angles.
Next step was I made a rhombic drive in Solid Works 3D
and saved 90 frames/sec pictures.
I created my mechanism in same frame rated.
Here is the solution how I can see the similar thing also the different things
about this two methods.

If you interested my work click on my youtube channel.

Here is the latest movie, where I can show you this two drive mechanism in a video.
I changed the angle of my "L" shaped yoke last time 90 to 105 degrees,
because the phase angles was better.

What do you think about it?

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