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A weird hot air engine: "Metronome"

My new working office is so busy...sorry!
But the next post will be very interesting for you! :)

My friend Simi112's developed an engine what I called "Metronome".
The engine had a good torque, and the frequency was so stable.

He modified a water piston Ringbom engine.
The water piston is the power piston in a basic Ringbom constructions as you know.

Simi112 changed the pistons, and created a big diameter piston to move the displacer, 
and a smaller one with water in a tube for phase changing.
The engine works well!
(check below the video)

In March of 2014 I've seen an interesting engine on Dreisotech's youtube channel.
He called it Very Simple High Frequency Engine (VSHFE).
This engine is same as Metronome the only different is the phase changer piston,
 because the piston is air here.
This construction is faster than the water piston version.
When I showed the video to Simi112, we start to develope this construction
and we found a little suprise there.
The tube could be tune the engine's frequency
also we can tune up the whole engine to a resonant frequency,
where the amplitude is maximised, and the torque is great!
So this engine is a moving displacer thermoacustic engine too!
Is this possible?

But the cycle is really changed!
Not Stirling as in a Ringbom!

The tube has a greater resistance than the power piston and the engine works closely as a Manson engine.
The tube works like a gas-diode valve.
It looks like a fully open engine, but when the pressure increase in the cylinder, then the gas push out the power piston first, and after can „wide open” the gas-diode.

When the "valve" is "opened", the gas piston  start to move out with a great momentum and created a vacuumised cylinder after start to cool down the gas in the cylinder.
When the inward phase coming and the gas diode "open" again 
then the gas piston create a pressurised section in the cylinder before the gas start to heat up!

It is really interesting and strange.
Because the power piston has an increased power under the whole strokes as like Manson!!!
But when the "valve" is "open" 
then the gas piston pre-vacuumise, also pre-pressurise the cylinder in the working method.

The Manson has only pressure relief sections!

So...we have an engine with Manson cycle (more or less) with a bigger working pressure intervall.

I'll try to show you what I mean about the p-V diagram

Is it real?
What do you mean?

I created a video what's happening in the engine:

My friend Simi112/ Metronome Heat Engine
made videos from his experiments.

Please share this informations!
I hope somebody can help me about the engines p-V diagram,
because I'm not pretty shure in.
It looks like a new thermodinamical cycle
and a NEW hot air engine construction.

See you soon!


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