2014. július 15., kedd

Manson engine's modified as "Metronome"

Hi guys!

I start to make a new engine from my old Manson fan engine on the last weekend.
It was really rusty and it looks like something scrap there.
But the engine base was pretty good condition!
I was lucky!

I took off the fan, also the crank and rod.
Cutted off the tube where was the valve originally.

After I connected to the pipe a 62 cm long
ID: 7 mm tube.
It was the load for the "Metronome" effect.
Do you remember for my earlier post?
There is the working method.

Anyway...the engine works well.
The torque is pretty good 
and if I can change the tube with a spiral silicone tube 
then it will be much more compact. 

I need to make a cold side ventillation version
because then the engine could cooling down himself.
And later I can pressurise it!

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