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LTD Puskás heat engine

Hi folks,
here is my new type 
Puskás teeter heat engine!

This is a real LTD heat engine, because the engine works with low temperature different!
The engine start at 3-5 degrees different!
My engine's working range is 27-31 C

The key of the operation is a heat sensitive material.
This material is pretty sensitive for heat.
If we have a curved one then after heated up that material will straight or even concave.

This is a salted peanuts bag's material.
Aluminium base coated with plastic.

The original Puskás water engine is here:

And the Hungarian blog:

This engine use moisture for an expansion/contraction effect in paper material.
The paper base is cellulose what really sensitive for humidity.
If we can moisturising one side only than the paper fold in a curve.
The engine was my friend Simi112's (YT name) invention in 2006!
It works with water only.
Pretty suggestive little engine for tabletop.

My version is a real heat engine actually.

When the plastic material heated then 
the sheet from a curved shape goes to the straight
pretty fast!
After when it's cooled down then curved back as originally was.
So the teeter can unbalanced with it too! 

Let's build one! :)
So easy to make!
This is a solar engine too, but it was a cloudy day in Hungary.
I used only a cup of hot water as "sun"!

If the heat different enough to make the unbalancer curves
then the heat engine start freely!

If the shadow, or clouds coming, 
than the engine stop and hold on the start position.
So cool! 

And the real SOLAR LTD version works in sunrise:

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