2015. augusztus 3., hétfő

Magnetic Propulsion Drived Stirling Engine (Video)

Hi folks!

Do you remember my very old Stirling engine driving method?


Last weekend I found an old but short video from my first prototype 
magnetic propulsion drived HTD Stirling engine.

That was a big suprise, 
I didn't remember any video from this engine!
But here it is!

It was a bad construction, but it worked 4 full stroke and two other. :)
The engine wasn't cooled, so it wasn't a big suprise.

Share this video, and the driving method too
because it is an open source project!
Non patented driving mechanism!

And I believe the Butterfly effect 
the 100th monkey theorys!

My older post HERE.

See You Soon!

My new LTD Stirling with this driving mechanism!

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