Kovács type engines

I'll show you mine visions, inventions here 
for the original 
Manson and Ericsson cycle engines!

How can we increase the power of Manson engine?
How can we increase the speed of this type of engine?
How can we regenerate is the working fluid?
How can we close the cycle?
How we can build a 2 in 1 (Manson/Ericsson) engine?
This hybrid engine how does it work?
It will be Manson/Ericsson cycle or a new cycle?

Lot of question! 
Isn't it?

Steppes what I developed yet:
1. Regenerator
2. Beta type/ Manson engine without diameter different
3. Exhaust gas recycling/ 4. Double acting system
4. Ericsson cycle with 2 power stroke
(Kovács Caloric Engine)

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